Gabriel Rabu, LMFT

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Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families


My approach to therapy involves integrating complementary methodologies attuned to each person's needs and personality. 
I combine traditional talk therapy, as appropriate, with work on mindfulness & self-compassion; dreams, journal writing, "empty chair"; active imagination, guided imagery, and artwork.  

Some of my clients need a brief, focused period of therapy to develop skills to survive a temporary difficult period.  Others feel the need to reassess long-held beliefs, behaviors and relationships that they feel are inhibiting them in one way or another. These clients may need longer periods of therapy in order to change habitual patterns.  As your therapist, I am committed to providing the support, unconditional understanding and professional insights you will need to find your way back to a healthy self or to discover new, healthier parts of yourself for the first time.